To simply state that I am an abstract artist is not enough. I consider myself as an interdisciplinary artist. Throughout the years of making work and witnessing different types of art, I have realized that art making is an extension of myself. I explore a variety of mediums such as photography, drawing, painting and sculpture to create images. I seem to have a compulsion to change mediums when creating a new work. For me, art making is a journey with no destination. The changing of mediums and forms convey my urge to be recognized as an individual.

Using vivid bright colors and playing with contrasting color helps with my fascination of color theory. Learning about color theory has inspired me to make images that create an experience for the viewer. By using a multitude of colors, I create works that are alluring to a wide array of viewers. The use of colors is powerful in the sense of creating a spiritual relationship to the viewer.  For me, this powerful element in art can be learned about and improved upon in order to create a better experience for the viewer.  

I find that meditation is very helpful during the process in making art. Especially in drawing, my mind is focused on what is in front of me. I am in a trance, feeling like I am in an altered state of consciousness while working.  I would become very meticulous with my process by creating intricate line works and patterns. The features are fantastic, metaphysical and surrealistic subject matter; Along with bright and/or highly contrasting colors, repetition of motifs and extreme depth of detail or stylization of detail. My work strives to bring a focus into the individual’s mind, making them unaware of their surroundings and emerging them into an altered visual perception.

My impulse to create decorative patterns is fueled by my research into surface, space and new forms. These intricate, almost psychedelic images that I produce were channeled through my mediumistically (of, relating to, or having the qualities of a spiritualistic medium.) Using different materials has expanded my way of creating an image.

There is so much to my mind that I have yet to explore. This exploration is driven by the mystery in my art. My current body of work plays with the interaction of the mind by shifting perception, reflexing on movement from the paper and viewers, and creating an immersive experience. My life experiences and talent has led me to where I am now with art making. Creating something from my state of mind has always been an internal necessity and is a journey to explore the mystery behind my approach to art.